Prof. Eilam Yalon

In our lab we study Nano-Electro-Thermal devices. Our research is geared towards energy-efficient
electronics by understanding the interplay between electrical power consumption and heat
generation & dissipation at the micro and nano scale. We are interested in 2D materials,
chalcogenides, and oxides for use as new electronic building blocks in various applications: storage,
memory, neuromorphic computing and AI, RF communication, and thermal management.
Our role in MAAGAD Graphene is micron-scale thermal characterization of single, double and few
layer graphene on copper as well as graphene-based laminate composites. We use electrical, Raman
and scanning thermal microscopy (SThM) to evaluate the thermal impedance of MAAGAD Graphene
samples (with and without the graphene-based additions).The measurements are compared to
thermal and electro-thermal simulations by finite element method as well as compact modeling. Our
goal is to quantify the effect of graphene and graphene-based laminate compounds on the (micron-
scale) heat dissipation in relevant products.

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