Prof. Yachin Cohen

Principal investigator: Professor Yachin Cohen, Department of Chemical Engineering
Researchers: Dr. Lev Vaikhanski, Ms. Oksana Ostrovki

Our research focuses on the relation between processing, structure, properties and function of
polymeric systems. These include: dissolution and processing of carbon nanotubes and graphene
for fabrication of fibers, nanofibers, foams and nano-composites in polymer matrices. Utilization
of natural cellulose as sustainable raw material for gels, encapsulating emulsions, and biofuel.
The main experimental tools used for nano-structure characterization are scattering of x-rays and
neutrons, and transmission and electron microscopy. The research group includes, in addition to
the PI, 3 senior (Ph.D) researchers, and 6 graduate students.
Selected publications:
N. Behabtu, et al., “Strong, light, multi-functional fibers of carbon nanotubes with ultrahigh
conductivity", Science 339, 182-186 (2013)
O. Kleinerman, et al., "Cryogenic-temperature electron microscopy direct imaging of carbon
nanotubes and graphene solutions in superacids", J. Microsocpy 259, 16-25 (2015).
L. Hossain, et al., “Structure and Swelling of Cross-linked Nanocellulose Foams”, J. Colloid &
Interface Sci. 568, 234-244 (2020)
The objective of our project in the framework of the GRAPHENE Consortium is to utilize
develop and fabricate graphene-based nano-composites in epoxy-resin matrix as a basis for
laminates and pre-preg materials use in production of printed circuit boards with enhanced
ability for heat conductivity. In particular, we employ microspheres coated by graphene as a
filler material in order to maintain a three-dimensional orientation of the graphene plates, to
achieve heat conduction away from the surface source, in all dimensions. For enhanced dielectric
properties, hollow microspheres are used.

Contact Details

Prof. Yachn Cohen, [email protected]
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