Prof. Oren Regev & Prof. Gennady Ziskind

The Ben-Gurion University team is led by Prof. Oren Regev from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Prof. Gennady Ziskind from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. 

Team leaders

Prof. Regev is an expert in creation of composite materials with tailored mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, and in particular in implementation of nano-additives in polymer-based composites, where thermal conductivity enhancement is required. His expertise includes development of nondestructive technologies for dispersal of nano-additives in various liquid and solid polymers. Prof. Ziskind is an expert in heat transfer, including multi-phase and particulate systems. His work combines experimental studies with theoretical and numerical modeling. His expertise includes thermal management of electronic components on various scales.

Selected relevant publications

Shtein, M., Nadiv, R., Buzaglo, M., Kahil, K., and Regev, O., Thermally conductive graphene-polymer composites: size, percolation and synergy effects, Chemistry of Materials 27, 2100–2106 (2015).

Ziskind, G. and Kozak, Y., Phase-Change Materials for Thermal Management of Electronic Components (book), World Scientific Publishers, Singapore, 296 pages (a volume in Encyclopedia of Thermal Packaging) (2018).

Ohayon-Lavi, A., Buzaglo, M., Ligati, S., Peretz-Damari, S., Shachar, G., Pinsk, N., Riskin, M., Schatzberg, Y., Genish, I. and Regev, O., Compression-enhanced thermal conductivity of carbon loaded polymer composites, Carbon 163, 1-8 (2020).

Ligati, S., Ohayon-Lavi, A., Keyes, J., Ziskind, G., and Regev, O., Enhancing thermal conductivity in graphene-loaded paint: effects of phase change, rheology and filler size. International Journal of Thermal Sciences 153, 106381 (2020).

Consortium activities

The BGU team is developing unique technologies that allow to significantly – up to two orders of magnitude – enhance thermal conductivity of relevant materials while improving also their mechanical properties. For this purpose, graphene inclusions of carefully chosen sizes and dimensions are used. The applications are coming from the needs of Israeli companies which are members of the consortium, while close cooperation with other academic members of the consortium is also established. Among the applications, the BGU team deals with novel materials for printed circuit boards (PCB) and thermal interfacial materials (TIM).  

Contact Details

Prof. Oren Regev ([email protected])
Prof. Gennady Ziskind ([email protected])
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